April Brazinsky

"MCCSN is an amazing nursing program. The instructors and staff are amazingly supportive, and excel at helping students achieve their best. I feel confident that the guidance I received, and the knowledge and skills I learned here will help me to succeed as a Registered Nurse."

April Brazinsky
Major: Nursing
Class of 2016


ACEN-Seal-Color-Web_SmallThe Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing at Monterey Peninsula College (MCCSN) offers the associate of science degree leading to RN licensure. The program is offered in partnership with Montage Health. 

The School of Nursing is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN),  and is fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) through 2019.

Comments about the program may be directed to these agencies at the following addresses:

California Board of Registered Nursing    

  • Board of Registered Nursing
    PO Box 944210
    Sacramento, CA 94244-2100  (www.rn.ca.gov)   
  • Phone: (916) 322-3350

ACEN Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing

  • 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30326.  (www.acenursing.org)        
  • Phone: 404-975-5000

NOTICE:  The Board of Registered Nursing will visit the  Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing for a scheduled re-approval visit on March 14-16, 2017.  The exit report will be held on March 16th at 1:30 pm in Room NU 101.  The full schedule is available here:


Program Outcomes:   At the end of the program of study at the Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing, graduates are able to:

  1. collaborate as team members in providing safe and effective health care to individuals in acute, long-term and community-based settings.
  2. coordinate the activities of the interdisciplinary health care team.
  3. advocate on behalf of patients through patient and family teaching. 
  4. direct evidence-based and patient-centered nursing care.
  5. contribute to the profession as responsible members within the discipline of nursing.



Applicant Update: The application cycle for class entering Fall 2017 is now closed.

We have completed all Phase 1 response letters as of Feb. 9, 2017 and they are in the mail. Thre were 101 complete and qualified applications. The competitive score was 50 points and higher. There were 43 applications with this score forwarded to Phase 2, and an additional 17 applications were forwarded from the 45-point group (for a total of 60).   Phase 2 (ATI TEAS testing) is scheduled at MPC on March 29th-31st.  Those forwarded to Phase 2 will be directed in their letters to make a testing appointment if valid TEAS is not already on file.

 For detailed TEAS information, please read the "TEAS Advisement 2017" link on this website

butterfly      A tip from a fellow ATI TEAS study buddy:

ATI TEAS 6 Youtube videos: over 5 hours of FREE  tutorials available at TEAS Review Video Tutorials by                   Mometrix:   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqodl38v-H_FNtlA_4xmNuF-xinrgv7VF


NEXT Public Information session:  SATURDAY, April 1st, 2017  at 10-11am in Room NU 101 

Notice:  The selection process for the generic ADN program is now based on a Multi-Criteria Screening Process as defined in AB 1559 (Berryhill) and California Education Code Section 78261. This law provides for a community college registered nursing program that determines the number of applicants to the program exceeds its capacity, to admit students using a multi-criteria screening process. For your information, the competitive multi-criterion score for Phase 1 for the immediate past applicant pool was 45 points, and for Phase 2 was 75 points. The competitive score is based on the top 40% of applicant scores, and so may vary from year to year.

Please review the RN Program Summary and Multicriterion Selection Worksheet links for more information, and plan to attend a public information session!