MPC Placement Exams Offered at Local Schools

Increasing Access to Higher Education Where Students Come First

Post Date:04/05/2017 9:00 AM


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Monterey, Calif. – As part of its ongoing commitment to open access, Monterey Peninsula College will be offering three different assessments at six area high schools this month through April.

More than 480 high school seniors from Carmel, Carmel Valley, Central Coast, Marina, Monterey, and Seaside high schools will be able to take English, Math, and English as a Second Language assessments – in the comfort of their own campus.

“It is our goal to ensure that our district’s graduating high school seniors have every opportunity to attend our college if they chose,” said Superintendent/President Dr. Walter Tribley. “With placement results in their back pocket, our seniors have the advantage of considering every option available to continue their educational journey.”

For many, sitting for placement exams on their own campus relieves some stress associated with the transition to college. Students know their own campus halls and classrooms, see familiar counselors and classmates, and can ask questions of MPC staff – creating a more comfortable testing experience.

Receiving MPC assessment results early can also lead to coveted priority registration when it comes time to enroll in classes.  Seniors who satisfy all first-year requirements, including assessments, become first in line to register for high-demand courses or electives required for transfer or graduation.

Moreover, assessments provide students with the opportunity to gauge their skill level when it comes to college courses. While course sequences vary from college to college, the assessment process affords all students a genuine look into how they place in vital core subjects.

Whether students have decided to defer that university price tag to receive a quality education at a fraction of the cost or aim to experience hands-on training to become career leaders, MPC is a stellar option for high school seniors. By joining nearly 15,000 students, these young adults are poised to receive relevant, engaging instruction at MPC -- coupled with services and resources driven by student success. 

Prior to each high school assessment, MPC Student Services staff visited each campus to hold Application Workshops for seniors. The MPC team guided students through each step of the application process, answered questions, ensured completed applications were submitted, and discussed next steps.

Students who were not able to test at their campus have the opportunity to take assessments at MPC’s Annual High School Assessment event held on Saturday, April 8 – where all high school seniors are welcome. Registration for the High School Assessment event is strongly encouraged and can be found here, along with more information:

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